We are a Leading Engineering Company and Solutions Provider to customers in different sectors within Nigeria and West Africa. Since 2008 we have been serving customers cutting across the following sectors: Oil & Gas, Marine/Vessel, Power Generation, Mining/Cement, Food and Beverage, Construction and Infrastructure, Health, Government Parastatals, etc.

  • Our expertise covers: Engineering Design, Procurement, Installation/Erection, System Integration, Testing/Commissioning, Maintenance & Service Agreements, Repairs & Assembly Services, etc.
  • We have the best team and have partnered with the best brands to deliver top-notch services to our customers in a safe manner.


Our Vision: To become our customer’s preferred choice and one-stop shop for Mechanical, Lifting, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Pumping Solutions and Systems.

  • Our Mission: Every day, we seek to provide our customers with solutions that keep their processes running safely and efficiently with relevant local support to make them achieve their goals.


  • -
  • Passenger Lifts, Cargo Lifts & Lifting Platforms
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Pumping Systems
  • Hydraulic Power Units, Power Packs, Accumulators, Motors, Gear Boxes, etc
  • Linear Motion Technology, Assembly Technology, Conveyor Systems
  • Electric Drives & Controls, Instruments & Valves
  • Fluid Technology, Filters/Filtration Systems, Lubrication Systems
  • Power Tools, Mechanical Tools & Equipment
  • Overhead Cranes, Hoist/Chain Block, Winches, Chains, Shackles
  • Hydraulic Workshop Services: Hoses & Fittings, Pumps, Cylinders, etc
  • Turnkey Projects & Field Services - Installation/Erection Works, Testing & Commissioning, Inspection, etc
  • Technical Training and Consultancy Services

AETOS Limited

AETOS Limited is an Engineering Company having 2 Major Divisions, namely: AETOS LIFTS AND AETOS TECHNICAL SERVICES

AETOS Lifts provides both vertical and inclined transportation solutions. We provide world-class services comprising the Design, Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of different types of Lifts: Home Lifts, Commercial Passengers Lifts, Cargo Lifts, Special Lifts, Custom Built Platforms, etc. AETOS Partners with GLE Spain, Hidral Spain, Stiltz Lift UK, etc. and have several projects references locally.
We are a big player in the vertical transportation segment and we place great value on Comfort, Safety, Speed, Maintainability, and Cost-effectiveness.

AETOS Technical Services Division provides Technical Products and Services across different sectors (Oil & Gas, Power, Cement & Mining, Food & Beverage, Brewery & Distilling, etc).
Our Products offering covers: Hydraulic Systems and Components, Pneumatic, Electric Drive and Control, Hoses & Fittings, Conveyor Systems, Gearbox, Mechanical & Power Tools, Steam Equipment and Systems, Instruments & Valves, Pipe Fittings & Flanges, Welding Technology, etc.

We have existed for over 12 years adding value to our customer's operations from different sectors.
We believe all things are possible.


Customers Talk, We Listen – The expectations of our customers will always drive the development of our strategic plans and actions. Living this value is done by getting Customer’s Input and Expectations, at every opportunity, and by differentiating ourselves on how we deliver to our customers.

The Best Team Wins – Team-oriented, involved associates are our most valuable resource, and we are passionate about attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent. Living this value is done in three primary ways:

  • Building the right team – having the right people to do the job;
  • Creating the right environment – making sure that leaders create an environment where all associates can contribute, and
  • Getting the win – when you have the right people and the right environment – it makes getting the win a lot easier!
  • Integrity: – This quality is core to our business. We are committed to doing the right thing. We are dependable, open and honest in all our dealings; we are responsible and accountable for all our actions

    Innovation Defines Our Future – We live this value by providing differentiated customer solutions; products and services that improve quality environmental stewardship through Creative Thinking and the use of Technology, and by understanding What Innovation Brings.

    Right Partnerships and Right Decisions – To consistently attract and retain the right and loyal partners and employees in alignment with our customer’s current needs and requirement; we live this value by developing aggressive, yet realistic and measurable performance objectives and consistently achieving established goals. It takes focus, dedication, and living our values to achieve success for our customers, employees, partners and the community. Our Vision and Values help us to make strategic decisions, allocate resources, and position us to provide best-in-class results on a daily basis.