Our Services

AETOS Limited is a Vertical Transportation Solutions Company. We provide a range of World Class services that spans the Design, Installation, Supply and Maintenance of Large Cargo lifts, General Passenger Lifts, Home Lifts and Escalators.

Our wide spectrum of service offerings add elegance and innovative design to fulfil your needs at affordable costs. Our flexibility to adjust to whatever your project requires is only constrained by the physical limits of the environment.

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Large Cargo Lifts

We have a proven track record of delivering a large range of hydraulic lift solutions as well as...


Passenger Lifts

Our passenger lifts are extremely efficient as their design provides for safe, comfortable and...



Our Escalators designs are not only  not only robust, efficient and comfortable, they also adapt to...

About Us

AETOS LIMITED is a Vertical Transportation Solutions Company that constantly looks to achieve business excellence whilst committing itself to its clients, suppliers, collaborators and the local community.
We are well aware that product & service quality and excellence within a business culture is only achievable if we have complete cooperation with our key stakeholders.

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Features Projects

Working on major projects calls for equally magnificent solutions. AETOS Limited has established a great record in the delivery of same.

By working alongside world renowned suppliers we offer superior quality, proven reliability and excellent value...


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FIRS Project - Passenger Lift

In this project, the Federal Inland Revenue Service required three (3) high grade, 13 Floor...


Flour Mills Project - 3 Passenger Lifts

In this project, the client - Nigerian Flour Mills - required three top-of the range,...


5000kg Goods Lift for Honeywell Flour mills

In this project, the client - Honeywell Flour Mills - required a top-of the range, High-Capacity...